Living With Arthritis And Recovering From Melanoma – 2022

2022 Arthritis Update

January 19th, I was at Nuffield Hospital trying to find the correct department.

I saw a person who worked here, and he showed me where to go.

So, I went to reception and inquired if I was in the correct location.

Yes, but you need to get booked in and she said, “You are a bit early,” so I went for a drink and something to eat.

After about 30 minutes I could see the consultant, I went in and sat down. The consultant asked me questions about my medication. I took all my medication and showed it to her, she documented it on the computer, Then she discussed what the plan is that they will do with me.

The first step will be to drain my knee that I has fluid on, Then inject steroids into the knee, She said she would do it sometime between January 24th and January 28th of that week. I will get a letter about the appointment.

On Monday, January 24th I got a phone call from Nuffield Hospital. She said to me, “We have an appointment for you on February 10”. I told them that the consultant said it would be between January 24th and January 28th of that week, They told me they can not fit me in on that date and that the consultant should not have said that,  the nurse is busy and the next appointment is on February 10th.

Feb 10th, On the first day, I started my infusion into my left knee.

On the second day after the infusion, I felt OK as I woke up I could move my leg a lot better.

On the third day, Sunday morning, I had a slight pain in my leg, but my knee was OK.

Four days after I got out of bed, I felt OK, so I left for work.

Day 6 was slight aching when I got out of bed, and then I went off to work, My left leg was aching through most of the day.

On the 7th day, I had slight aching in the morning and at work throughout the day. I try to rest when I’m at work.

On the 8th day I woke up late for work. My knee was OK, but my leg was aching throughout the day.

Ten days later, on February 20th, as I got up and the bottom of my calf muscle was aching, and the front of my shin was too.

On the 11th day, as I got out of bed, my entire leg was stiff. As I went to work throughout the day, it was getting easier.

March 1st, getting up, I was not too bad and throughout the day with pain.

Then I started trying to call Nuffield hospital, I spoke to one nurse, but I could not understand her, but I was getting bits of what she was saying.

She told me to email a nurse, but I couldn’t really understand to much else of what she said So I called Churchill Hospital and spoke to a nurse. She told me to call triage, so I did. It was a voicemail, I was on the phone for ages, so I put the phone down.

On March 2nd, when I got out of bed, I felt my left leg was playing up but not too bad. So, in the afternoon I called the Rheumatology department, and they said I had to email the nurse.

March 3rd in the morning, it was a little bit aching, throughout the day I was still trying to call the hospital, I spoke to someone, and they said they had got my email, so now I am just waiting for the doctor.

March 4th in the morning, still the same in pain throughout the day and still waiting for the doctor to call or email me.

Now it’s March 5th, and I’m still having pains.

On March 7th, as I got out of bed, my whole left leg was stiff but had to go to work and the rest of the day, I was in pain.

Then I got a phone call from the hospital, I spoke to a nurse and he said I would get a phone call on March 23rd at 10:00am.

On March 8th, getting up, I was a little stiff, but not too bad.

On March 9th, getting up was painful on my left knee as I got ready for work. In the day it was easing, I was limping but it was not as bad as it had been. I took two ibuprofen 200mg which helped.

On March 10th, I was getting out of bed I was in pain again and throughout the day at work, When I got home, I had to rest.

March 12th, the same problem remained so I take some Ibuprofen 200mg, My left knee was a little better.

March 13th,  in the morning and the afternoon, I was in pain, So I tried to rest it, but it was throbbing, It was a painful and challenging process. I have not taken any ibuprofen yet, and I’m trying not to take too many painkillers.

March 14th Still having pain in the morning and throughout the day, I have taken two ibuprofen but now they are not working, so I will try to rest.

Last night, my left leg was aching I could not sleep through the night of March 15th.

March 16th It was painful to get out of bed, so I had something to eat before work, I did not take any ibuprofen to see how I felt without them.

March 19th I still have the same problem with pain all day, I am getting a lot of pain at night now.

On March 20th, getting out of bed was so painful and challenging.

March 21st When I woke in the morning I was in pain and tired but I went off to work, My leg was aching. So I went home and tried to get some rest.

March 22nd I woke up feeling fine in the morning, but my knee acted as soon as I moved. I went to work and I was in pain all day. In the morning, I will get a phone call from the hospital, let’s see what they are going to do about this.

On March 23rd, I was in lots of pain in the morning, and wasn’t feeling too good. So, I went off to work. I waited for the hospital to call me at 10:00 but they were late at 10:15, so I called him and explained the plan.

On March 24th, again in the morning I struggled to walk around as I went off to work, My knee was aching, and I throughout the day.

March 25th I made a phone call to my doctors to determine if the information had gone in from the hospital. They checked, and it has not gone in yet, so I will call them today for an update.

On March 26th, I had a lot of pain in the morning and throughout the day.

I felt run down on top of this my auntie passed away on March 28th, 2022 in the early hours of the morning.

March 29th still having the same problem all day, In the afternoon I called the doctors to find out if they had been sent the email from Oxford, They said no, so I said they could call the next day. I called Oxford and left a message on the phone.

March 30th Throughout the night I had a lot of pain, so as I got up I was aching but had to go to work. I had an email back from Oxford, it said they wanted my date of birth and NHS number, so I emailed back with the information. I’m just waiting now to see what they say.

March 31st is still the same in the morning and throughout the day, with a lot of pain awaiting Oxford to email my GP, I sent a second email today but they have not repaired to it yet.

April 1st, just the same in the morning and throughout the day in pain. Finally, I got an email from Oxford and they said the letter wouldn’t be long now… We’ll see how long it takes to arrive.

April 2nd My doctor was worried because he hadn’t received a letter from Oxford yet.

April 3, all the same, all day in pain. I am still waiting for the letter… Let’s see if it comes tomorrow.

April 4th I got up this morning not feeling too good and in pain. I called the doctor to make an appointment for 4:00pm She was not happy with Nuffield Hospital, so she looked at my records. She was sure of what I needed, but some drugs she told me were not good because of the medications I was on. She explained just taking the steroid injection which I agreed to, but they had none in the surgery, so she wrote a prescription and told me to pop round to see the pharmacy. I popped round but they had none in stock until the next day. I went back to the doctor and she booked me in for the next day.

April 6th is the day to see if this injection works.

On April 7th, I had to have an injection into my backside, it hurt all night, in the morning, I was sore, My knee felt ok so I went to work, just a slight aching but not as bad as it’s been… Let’s see what happens now over the next day or two.

On April 8th, after waking up in the morning my knee was in pain, so I went to work and throughout the day it was getting easier.

April 9th I was still in pain and I throughout the day.

On April 10th, I felt good as I got out of bed. My knee felt better but I was just a slight ache as I walked.

April 11th, as I got up I just had a little pain as I went off to work and throughout the day was the same. Let’s see how long this steroid injection will last.

April 12th, not too bad getting up this morning and going to work still not too bad throughout the day.

April 13th is still OK, but I booked to see the consultant next week, but still no letter from Oxford.

April 14th felt better all day, I have taken a day off work tomorrow, good Friday and five days off to rest.

April 15th has not been too bad throughout the day and night.

Now April 16th, I am still OK throughout my journey am doing an update after seeing the consultant.

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