Just a small update over the last couple months of my journey 2019.

Just a small update over the last couple months of my journey.

Lung scan

On Saturday, 22 June I went to Horton general Hospital for a lung scan. A week later my results come back there was no sign of disease or drug damage.

Lumps and lungs

On the 12th August I went to the doctors, He called me in I said to him I had two problems, I found a lump in my stomach and I was still having breathing problems. He said to he will refer me to Milton Keynes hospital for an ultrasound on my stomach.
The Doctor gave me an asthma pump to see if this would help the my lung issue.
A week later I went to Milton Keynes to have an ultrasound on my stomach to look for the lump. After the doctor had done a diagnosis she told me the lump was a fatty tissue hernia which I was a bit pleased about because I was worried it would be the melanoma returning.


On the 19th August I was booked in for another MRI scan and a CT scan on the Thursday,

On the 29th August I went back to Churchill Hospital to see my consultant about my scan results. I was sitting in the waiting room my anxiety was through the roof as I was thinking what is going to be next.


When I was called into the room waiting for the consultant my stomach going over and over waiting for the consultant to  come in to see me. She said the MRI scans was normal but still have the meningioma tumor, the CT scan was not processed then the consultant asked me if I was okay, I told her I was feeling rough every morning, tired, I was suffering with anxiety and very moody. Then she asked me if I need help from the Macmillan which I told her I was looking into it and I had been looking into a hospital called HOPE. We had a bit more of a chat about my treatments and drugs I was taking, She told me she thinks it would be better to stop taking the drugs give my body a break which I was quite pleased about but still risk as we don’t know if it will do more harm than good, so she said I still to have bloods taken every two weeks and a 12 week scan.

The doctor also said I could have a recurrence of the melanoma coming back which is something I really didn’t want to hear but it’s always at the back of my mind, if it does come back then I will have to start treatment again but she said I will be going on a trial drug which is a good thing.
So at the moment we have two plans ready if the melanoma returns.

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