My Life Through a Lens Of Cancer

My Life Through a Lens Of Cancer

On Friday 29 May, I made a phone call to the doctor about my breathing via the receptionist. When the doctor returned my call at midday; I explained everything about my breathing and my medication (asthma pumps) and he put me on steroid tablets; eight a day for five days, and a stronger asthma pump. My old pump was 100/06 and my new one is 200/06, the steroid tablets were 5mg. 

On 30 May (the second day of taking the steroids and new asthma pump) I felt a bit better but the weather was so hot that I couldn’t do too much. 

Then on 31 May I felt not too bad getting up in the morning, the afternoon was really hot again which made things slightly worse. I think the tablets were starting to work. 

So the next morning I got up, I was not feeling too good but I took my medication, later that day my breathing was back to like it was. I told the doctor that the medication was not working, he booked me in for a blood test to make sure things were okay and arranged for an asthma specialist from the GP surgery to call me that Friday so I could discuss my symptoms. In the meantime, I was to carry on using the new pump to give it a chance to work, as well as the steroids. 

On my first day off the tablets I still wasn’t feeling right, I slept from about 12 o’clock until after 6 o’clock. When I woke up I felt a bit better. Before went to bed I used the blue asthma pump, although during the night I was still having breathing problems.  The inhalers were not working. 

My second day off the tablets was still the same, I felt a bit rough. However, the asthma specialist was calling me the following day to discuss next steps.

I still didn’t feel right on the third day off the medication, my call from the asthma specialist resulted in a change of asthma pump. 

I felt better with the new asthma pump, although the weather had changed and was much cooler.  I decided to wait and see what happened after a couple of days. 

On 7 June, the second day, I was not feeling too bad. The weather was slightly warmer so it was a good time to test my breathing. I noticed an improvement, hopefully this was the correct asthma pump for me. 

On 8 June I had a blood test and the results were okay. The asthma pump was still helping with my breathing. 

After four days using the asthma pump, I still seem okay so I’m going to carry on and leave my update there for now. If there are any changes then I’ll let you know. 

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