My Journey Though Cancer Is A Game Of Chess By Mick Cullip – 2020

My Journey Though Cancer Is A Game Of Chess

On the 3rd September 2020, I had an appointment at Churchill hospital, Oxford, for a PET scan.

I arrived at the hospital and went to the reception room, there was no one there but there was a phone and a number by it, so I called it and a nurse answered the phone. He came out to get me and we went into another room, he sat me down to explain everything that’s going to happen that morning.

He starts to put a cannula in my arm, and he flushed it through with a saline solution.

There was another nurse that was preparing for the radiation dye to be put into me. So the second nurse came into the room with a box covered up, this was the radiation dye, then the first nurse stated to put the radiation dye in me. After he started putting the radiation dye in me, he left the room. I had to wait for an hour and a half in this room, for the dye to go round my body.

After an hour half passed, the nurse come back into the room to get ready for the CT scanner. So I was placed on the CT scan and this took approximately half an hour to complete the scan, it was all completed.

All of the treatment at the hospital, heading back home and the next morning, I was feeling not too bad but in the afternoon I start feeling ill around my stomach. A day later, I started to get a bit better on the third day I felt a lot better.

I am just now waiting for my results.

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