My Journey Though Cancer Is A Game Of Chess – 2020

My Journey Though Cancer Is A Game Of Chess

On the 3rd September 2020, I had an appointment at Churchill hospital, Oxford, for a PET scan. 

On the 8th October 2020, I went back to Churchill hospital to get my results. As I went into the hospital, I had a body temperature check. I was then told to wait for twenty minutes, my stomach was going over. I was thinking that the MELANOMA had returned. After being in the waiting room for over an hour and a half, the doctor called me in.

As I sat down, I started to worry again that something was not right. I had a list prepared to discuss with the doctor about my problems. He started to talk about the first result, my right arm was all clear and only showing scar damage. 

Then the second result, he said was there is a Lymph-node in the middle of my chest which lit up from the PET scan. So, I said to him I think the MELANOMA has returned because I have not been feeling right for weeks. He said that it could be that the MELANOMA had returned but he was not sure, it might be something else. He said they cannot do a biopsy or surgery because it was too dangerous. The Lymph-node was 1.2 cm and is in the middle of my chest. He said to me that they do not what to start treatment currently and he explained they are going to book me in for a CT scan and an MRI, this has been arranged for the 23rd November 2020. 

Also I discuss with him about my meningioma tumour in the brain. He said it will be under review and if it grows they will seek an opinion from neurosurgeons. Also, I discussed to him about my breathing which is not getting any better. I’ve been taking an inhaler which is called Relvar 184/22 and also a tablet each night which is called Montelukast 10 mg but there is not much else they can do. I am keeping them updated on what’s going on. 

I will be back to Oxford at Churchill Hospital on the 26th November to see my Consultant about my scan results.

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