The Other Side Of Cancer My Update Through Asthma

The Other Side Of Cancer My Update Through Asthma

On Tuesday 25th, February 2020 I was booked in at Churchill hospital to see the chest clinic about my breathing problems. I arrived at 1:30 for my appointment at 2 o’clock!

The nurse told me I will be doing some test to check my lungs. The first test was breathing into a machine which was a handheld unit I had to breathe into. The line kept stable for two minutes but It took me three attempts to complete the test.

The second test was breathing into a machine which was controlled by a computer. This was calibrating my lungs and airways to see how my lungs were coping through the machine and analyzing the data of my Co2 levels and other diagnostics the machine was reading. I had to do this three times for the computer to get the results.

The third test, they put me in a chamber that was then sealed up. I was in there for 30 minutes. The test in the chamber was very intense and I was struggling to breathe in there, the machine put me under a lot of pressure checking my airways and lungs. When the test was done I had to wait outside for 25 minutes.

I was then called back into the nurses office where she told me to use the asthma pump which she supplied, I had to inhale four times then repeat one of the tests I’d done before, this was done three more times.

When all the tests was completed I had to wait until 4 o’clock to see a professor to talk about my results. I had some dinner in a hospital and waited.

4 o’clock soon come around and I went in to see the professor. We discussed my results from the tests I had done, She said there was some anomalies with some of the test results that we need to keep an eye on.

I was then told that I have asthma. I now know what it is so now I have to use two asthma pumps, one red and one blue. The red pump has to be used twice in the morning and twice at night. The blue one is for an emergency or if I am struggling to breathe.

Three days before I went to Churchill hospital I was told not to use my asthma pump they had supplied me, They wanted my lungs to be normal and that would give them a the correct results on the day of testing.

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