The Key Facts About Melanoma Cancer 2020

The Key Facts About Melanoma Cancer 2020

Malignant melanoma is the fifth most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK, with around 40 people being newly diagnosed every day.

Melanoma is a cancer usually starts
in the skin, either in a mole or in normal looking

People with darker skin tones are at less
risk of melanoma than people with fairer

This is my scar from after my op

In women, the most common place for
melanoma to develop is on the legs.

In men, melanoma is most commonly found
on the chest and back.

Melanomas are uncommon in areas which are protected from sun exposure.

The number of people developing
melanoma is continuing to rise and it is
now the fifth most common cancer in
the UK.

Approximately 15,500 people in
the UK are diagnosed with melanoma
each year.

In the UK, the risk of melanoma increases
with age, however the number of
melanoma cases diagnosed in young
people is disproportionately high, making
melanoma one of the most common
cancers in people aged 15–34.

1 in 36 men and 1 in 47 women in the
UK will be diagnosed with melanoma
during their lifetime.

There are around 2,400 melanoma skin
cancer deaths in the UK every year,
that’s more than 6 every day.

Melanoma skin cancer survival is
improving and has doubled in the last
40 years in the UK.

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