My journey through the other world of cancer 2019

My journey through the other world of cancer

On the 28 of November 2019 I went back to Churchill Hospital to get my MRI and CT scans result.

I was sitting in the waiting room, they were running behind time. I was feeling sick waiting for my results. One hour later I was called in to see the consultant. My stomach was feeling sick to see what he had to say about my scans results. 

The consultant said the brain tumour was still the same and the CT scan results showed no sign of disease. I was so relieved after he said that, He said I will see you in March 2020 for my next scans.

On the Friday 29 of November I went to Halton hospital to see physiotherapist about my lungs I explain to her about all the symptoms of the drugs I was on and the Asthma pump I now have to use.

I had to do a few tests with her and she said my breathing was out of sequence, so she showed me some exercises for my breathing trying to help to get back to rhythm.

After the test the physiotherapist said I’ve got asthma.

I am booked next year to see the physiotherapist to see how I am getting on.

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