My Journey Update 2019

My journey update

After waiting for my results from Churchill Hospital yesterday, it was a great relief that the scans were all clear.

My journey has been going on now for four years, As in my previous updates; I started at the bottom of the mountain and started climbing.

I have overcome obstacles along the way which have challenged me but I kept climbing to reach the halfway mark;

Along this mountain trail I paused and thought about all the problems I encountered and what I had accomplished to get to the halfway mark.

You look up and think “shall I carry on?” but something inside me tells me to push on, willing myself to complete my journey and show people that you can achieve what you want to in life.

Once I have completed my journey to the top of a mountain, I can see what I’ve have conquered on the climb.

Although I still have challenges, in time it  will get easier but my journey doesn’t end there…

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